SDH Progress Report

WATCH has decided to include the SDH (hospital) Progress Report on our webpage to honour the many citizens who fought to keep our Sydenham District Hospital and its Emergency Department. It demonstrates the resilience of this community to protect our health and well-being. In the same theme, WATCH's focus is the environmental health and well-being of our community. Thank you to the community in supporting these types of initiatives.

View the PDF Report.


WATCH Awards
2013 / 2015
Thank you Chamber of Commerce for giving us Environmental Awards

On-line Recycling Manual

Please download our Recycling
Toolbox here.

Need recycling bins?

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WAMBO weekend was a great opportunity to talk with community about Chatham Kent Waste Diversion and WATCH partnership with Chatham Kent municipality.

Thanks to Goodwill Future Focus workers who managed the recycling sites.

A tractor, used to pick up bags, was donated by a kind citizen.

A trailer to transport totes was purchased by grant from Community Futures and Ridge Landfill Trust.

Sheldon and Kris enjoy getting feedback from the community about recycling.