Question 1

How have you communicated the Public Notification as per CEPA Environmental Emergency Regulations (E2) Public Notifications 2019 section 4(2) k,l,m?

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Question 2

Describe the technology the company uses to prevent spills to the air and water shed.

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Question 3

What is the company's process for community engagement (dialogue) with impacted downstream residents of St. Clair River, Walpole Island and Wallaceburg?

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Question 4

How do I learn about industry alerts in Sarnia?

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Question 5

Which companies have paid Environmental Penalties between 2019 - 2021?

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Question 6

How can I find the Environmental Compliance Approval from MOECP issued to a company?

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WATCH wishes to highlight the importance of community/industry engagement to promote public confidence, trust and demonstrate government accountability to protect the public. As the St. Clair River Area of Concern is moving towards delisting of its Beneficial Use Impairments the community will be moving into a new phase called Life after Delisting.

As part of Life after Delisting it is important for industries, who discharge and emit to the St. Clair River watershed/air shed, to have a conversation with WATCH members from downstream communities of St. Clair Township, Walpole Island First Nations and Wallaceburg on a regular frequency that emphasizes continuous improvement, effective communication about their operations and environmental responsibility.

WATCH asks the tough questions

The answers below are provided by each company and have not been altered. Therefore, WATCH is not responsible for wording of the content or its accuracy.

Why these companies are on the list.

The list below, while incomplete, represents companies in the Sarnia and St. Clair Township which have an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) to discharge through an outfall to the St. Clair River or companies that discharge via a facility who has the approval to release industrial effluent to the river. Ontario Water Resources Act regulates discharge of industrial effluent to waterways and approves the ECA.

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